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New Stuff

  • More Bloody PVP Action

    Step into the Immortal Rift and conquer your enemies with intense guild versus guild action. Up to 100v100 players can attend the highest ranked battle! And that’s not all! By popular demand, we’ve added additional times for 3v3 and 6v6 PVP Arenas! You better hope your weapons are hungry, because they’re about to get fed!

  • Explore new dungeons

    The mysterious Aeon Spire has emerged containing the generals of the Storm Legion of a time long past. Defeat the generals and be rewarded with materials for new legendary equipment, or try your hand at the cryptic Gauntlet of Storms.

  • Show me your loots!

    Glamour yourself in new fashion, find a new Pet companion, or ride in style upon new Mounts. If looking pretty isn’t your thing, we’re also introducing the all new set of gear called the Champion Gear!

  • Get rewarded!

    Want free stuff? Logging into the game on consecutive days will grant you tons of free items! Yes, all you need to do is log in!