His monstrous footsteps shake the very ground of Eyrda. His death howls haunt the vents scattered throughout Freedom Harbor. Parents often tell their children frightening tales of a monster contained deep below the streets of Freedom Harbor who thirsts for blood. If they wouldn't behave, Kluer would pay them a visit at night. It's as good a tactic as any to make kids drink their soup. Little do they know that this story is not a myth, but a true tale of friendship, tragedy, and sadness.

Chains of Kluer is an exciting new update that will once again change the face of Eyrda. Heroes will be able to battle the monster Kluer in the Forgotten Prison beneath the city of Freedom Harbor!

Other contents include:

  • Level cap increased to 80
  • Mounted Combat
  • New Dungeons
  • New Events
  • New Marriage Leveling system
  • New Pet Adventure System
  • New Fashion, Mounts, and Pets

Join the fight today, and uncover the true story behind the Chains of Kluer!

Don’t miss out on our exciting launch week pact with loads of events!

You will have a chance to win your very own Kluer Statue, participate in an in-game event to obtain a Kluer Transformation Item, or even own your very own Kluer Pet!

Thats not all! We will be having Double EXP weeks, new CORE Connect Achievements, and updated items in the Token Shop!